Aug 11, 2022

Introducing Focus

Today we’re announcing an important new feature of Polyglatte called “Focus”. With the Focus system you can study word lists, articles, and videos with clips of other articles and videos. We’re leveraging our data plus your language knowledge so you can spend even more time using the language in context.

The Focus system allows you to select a word list or article as a “Focus” and then prioritize the words in your Focus by directly learning and reviewing words in context with clips from videos. See it in action below.

The Focus system is a natural extension of learning by reading and listening. It also solves multiple core problems of naively reading and listening to study. For example, newer language learners may not have enough base vocabulary to effectively read what they’re interested in. The Focus system allows such a user to:

  • Specifically prepare for content that they care about that’s beyond their level
  • To choose a word list and improve their base vocabulary more efficiently

All while not sacrificing the element of learning words in context with enjoyable, real content.

Furthermore, the Focus system offers a low-overhead UI to immediately make progress towards any goal you care about. Even if you only have 30 seconds to dedicate towards improving your target language, the Focus system makes it fun and easy to make that progress with real content.

It’s still early days for what we can do to modernize language learning, but the Focus system offers the first glimpse of what this future holds.

Our dream is to make language learning more accessible and effective by leveraging the power of computers to help more people spend more quality time with their target languages. If that sounds appealing to you, head over to Polyglatte and check it out for free! We’d love to help you learn.